Selling your home takes time, effort and money. Preparing your home for a showing will help you gain a competitive advantage over other houses in your area. With this in mind here are 5 house-prep secrets that will help your home sell fast.

1. Curb Appeal

Take a walk to the street and look at your home. Is the grass overgrown? Do the bushes need trimming? Are your kids’ bikes lying in the driveway? All of these aspects need not be overlooked when preparing your home for a showing. The outside of your home is the first place buyers enter and we’re big believers in first impressions. Taking the effort to plant some flowers in your yard is a nice gesture for the next owner of your home and it creates a warm, welcoming presence for visitors.


2.  Declutter

Getting rid of unwanted items will significantly help your chances of selling your home, as well as make your move easier. Decluttering means clearing off your kitchen countertops, removing those packing boxes and discarding of any clothing or garbage left on the ground. We can not stress how important this step is. When a buyer walks into a home they want to imagine themselves filling the space with their belongings and it will be much easier for them if your clutter is out of the way. This step will help you get started in packing your belongings and moves you one step closer to selling your home.


3. Clean from top-to-bottom

First impressions are everything, right? You want your home to look and smell as clean as possible for potential buyers. We highly recommend you hire a cleaning service in the Palm Beach area. If you prefer to clean the home yourself, please be sure to thoroughly vacuum, wash the windows and allow as much fresh air in as possible. You may also consider leaving a scented fragrance diffuser in your living room. Once you finish cleaning you can make the next step, which is decluttering your home. The next step will take some time, but it will significantly impact the ease and value of your home.


4.  Make repairs.

We’re not talking about putting on a new roof or installing a new washer and dryer. Making minor repairs like fixing holes, broken tiles and leaking faucets are important and should not be overlooked when preparing your home for a showing. The old saying “don’t sweat the small stuff” doesn’t usually apply to homeowners. Most homebuyers are looking for a place that they can move into right away. These minor adjustments will take some time and effort on your part, but trust us they’re worth it.


5. Stage the home

You may consider hiring a professional stager to arrange your home. If you have great taste you may opt to do this part yourself. Whatever works for you. We advise that you prepare your bed, align the furniture and depersonalize your home. Take down family photos and personal artwork from your family. You want your buyer to disassociate the home they are seeing with another family. They need to imagine themselves in your home and nothing is a bigger distraction than seeing your wedding photos on the wall.


These are the 5 basic steps you need to prepare your home for a showing. By following these steps you will greatly increase the chances of impressing homebuyers.


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